Google Chrome* CRASH on Flash every 10 webpages browsed? *(Version 24.0.1312.56 m on Win7 Pro 64bits)

After a month of nightmare in constant crashes, I got the idea of this radical SOLUTION that works for me. And I hope for you too.


I edit the original post to add this now. Uninstalling Chrome + fresh install sometimes proved to resolve it all without even the need for the next steps.


In chrome address bar, type: chrome://extensions and deactivate a maximum of all those accumulated extensions you don't use daily.


Go to chrome://plugins and deactivate Chrome Flash Plug-in while keeping Adobe's one, as described in the chrome://plugins FIX.

3. Do that to ALL your Chrome USER PROFILES if you have.

That's right! And Google Chrome finally works now.
That resolved my issues. Well, not entirely but at least 95% stable instead of 85% UNstable.

4.  If it worked for you too, thank me & click an add on this page. Then share or leave a comment if it saved your life :)

My configuration :

Since I migrated from Windows XP Home 32 bits to Windows Seven Pro 64 bits, the same Chrome profiles that worked smoothly before became totally unstable and crashed on so many Flash plugged-in webpages. That's when you discover how many they are. HTML5 only pages are so awaited!! Flash has only been a security and crash nightmare since day one.
I had tried in vain the famous chrome://plugins FIX alone with every possible combinations but it never worked. I even uninstalled/re-installed Chrome and/or Flash independent Plugin in all possible combinations, then switched between all. Nothing seemed to make Chrome more stable. It always crashed painfully at the worst time, right in the middle of working with 6-12 tabs open on pages any other browser (Firefox, IE8/9) never fails on.
DEACTIVATING ALL EXTENSIONS you don't use on a daily basis finally resolved the issue. I don't really miss those and if I ever occasionally do, I can always reactivate them cause I did not delete them. Yet! Only 2 extensions left active for me: Chrome to Phone & Checker Plus for Gmail, out of a dozen installed over time before. I still don't know which extension exactly crashed Chrome and I don't plan on looking for it now.


  1. Hi, I have a brand new laptop, Windows 8 Chrome 24. When I go to about:plugins I find that both Adobe Flash Player versions are listed together

    Adobe Flash Player - Version:

    Shockwave Flash 11.5 r31

    with only one Disable button for them both.

    If I click disable, then go a site using flash, I get the message "You do not have Flash installed. Please go to Adobe and download the latest version of Flash".

    If I close then reopen Chrome the Flash plugin is enabled again.

    I don't have many extensions as I've only been using this computer for a week.

    Is there anything else I can do? Have I missed something obvious?

    Thank you so much for any any suggestions.

    Cheers Chip

  2. Hi Chip,
    Yes I have a suggestion. Understand that there are 2 Flash plugins: 1 from Adobe + 1 specially reencoded by Google Chrome. And that is indeed the reason of the crashes. with Chrome you automatically get the one from Google but not the one from Adobe. And you should use that one from Adobe. So you must first download that Adobe one as the browser suggested, as you said, when chrome asked for "You do not have Flash installed. Please go to Adobe and download the latest version of Flash" after you had unplugged the Chrome's one. So, download Flash from Adobe, install it. THEN, only THEN, you can go back to plugins in chrome and deactivate the one from Google. That one shows with a line like this "Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll". that is the one to deactivate.
    A Note: don't forget to close/reopen all Chrome processes between all actions. And when do those chrome "closing", verify in the CTRL+ALT+DEL Task Manager menu to be sure that you do not have a hidden crashed chrome instance running silently. If necessary, kill it by force.
    Tell me how it worked.

    1. Hello again, Thank you so much for your help. After installing Flash, the Chrome flash plugin wouldn't stay disabled. Every time I opened Chrome it was enabled again. So I got really brave and located the file path in the Explorer window and changed the file to something else. I was hoping Chrome wouldn't recognise it and would stop trying to enable it. (I made sure I could find it again to change it back if it didn't work!) Now the plugin seems to be permanently disabled and there have been no more crashes. We can but hope! Cheers and thanks Kathy

  3. You're welcome K. Glad it helped. If "the Chrome flash plugin wouldn't stay disabled", it could be because the crash did not let you properly close the chrome process. That's when you need Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+del). True if you see any Chrome.exe task in the processes running in memory even AFTER you have closed ALL Chrome windows. After a crash, there are often a few there even if Windows does not display any Chrome window. Just choose the one using the most memory, right click/terminate-kill the process and all others should follow. if not, close them all. Do that check everytime after a Chrome crash before starting to apply any fix procedure. Cause if you don't, all changes you apply to the next instance of Chrome may very well not be recorded once you close it. That's why the plugin would reappear checked when you restart Chrome. This could aplly to many/most applications indeed.

    Now you did not tell us if you applied my advises to the Chrome Extensions too (not the plugins, the extensions). That's where my proposition was different from what was written before. That is what solved my problems. And maybe yours in the near future until Google finally straighten things out.


    1. Hi there, I did check the extensions. There are only 4 because this a new computer and I haven't installed many yet. They seem to be ok. I haven't had any crashes (so far!). Thank you again, I never would have been able to fix this without your help. Cheers K

  4. FYI Google has a a discussion to report your bug but it seems totally useless. Millions experience it and post their report there. always the same, never a single reply from Google Chrome. Here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/chrome/ql6v26c9E3k/XciwOaiziO8J

  5. Update: Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43 m seems to cause less trouble than before with some flash game websites like Kixeye. In fact, Adobe plugin seemed to bug now and switching back to Chrome's one resolved the issue. (The issue was a vertical outsync = you had to click 1 cm below what you wanted to click to make the flash app work. Weird huh?)

  6. I've tried all these fixes to no avail! I'm sick to death of the crashes! I sure hope something is resolved soon!

  7. Yes. Have you uninstalled/reinstalled chrome first? Then deactivate all extensions (not the plugins, the extensions). If you really start from zero step by step, you would be the first one to tell it does not fix the issues in the dozens around who fixed them. Good luck. worst case, switch to another browser for a while.

  8. Thanks for the suggested tips. I will be trying these steps tonight. I have tried the Plugin fix I don't know how many times of using Adobe's, then switching to Chrome, then back to Adobe, just to try and see if either was better. Hadn't thought to check the extensions. Getting really tired of all the shockwave crashes while playing Kixeye games over the last year. Hoping this helps. I will update on the success or failure.

    1. I play kixeye WC and my solution works like a charm on their games. few crashes. you should also check your memory usage. above 90% generates crashes and those games load a lot in RAM.

    2. Wish I could say it helped, but after deleting profiles, uninstalling chrome, re-installing chrome, deleting all extensions, disabling the chrome built in flash and enabling the adobe flash, I had a crash within 15 min of playing Kixeye's Battle Pirates. Oh well.

    3. I'm sorry. recently on kixeye it did not crash with chrome's flash plug in alone or even both activated. But my guess is you may lack RAM. Try using Windows 7 RAM gadget showing on your desktop to monitor RAM usage. ABove 95% is flash crash guaranteed. Then you need to close other browser tabs or apps.
      You can also try another lighter browser for flash games. like Opera or such light ones.


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